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De 5 vragen aan... Martina Gerhards

De 5 vragen aan... Martina Gerhards

For the people who don't know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Martina Gerhards and I am 47 years old. I live in Duisburg, in Germany, 40km from Venlo. It sounds like an industry area, but I live in the surrounding next to a natural area with a lot of forest and lakes. It is a green oasis. I live there with my partner and our two children, who are studying.
After finishing school, I decided to do a business training and studied business administration. My first job was being a purchaser in a wholesale company for glass, ceramics and gift articles. After that, I decided to change my business direction and moved to marketing, where I have now more than 20 years’ experience. I worked in marketing for different large Asian multinational companies of the consumer and IT business. That gave me the opportunity to work in projects with colleagues all over the world. My own personal objectives are to  always new experience and understanding for the different cultures and people. A few years ago that was the reason for me to study Psychology in Business next to my job. 

One year ago, I started my job as a Marketing Manager for Annuals, Perennials and Pot Plants in EMEA at Dümmen Orange. The floricultural industry was totally new for me, but I directly fell in love with the beautiful plants. My personal passion for nature and nice decoration fits perfectly to that job.

What makes this job so special?

In my job as Marketing Manager at Dümmen Orange I can bring in all my experience from other industries. We at Dümmen Orange have a lot of floricultural specialists that are focused on breeding new innovative flowers. Their knowledge in the floricultural industry and my experience in Marketing is a perfect combination in creation new concepts for our customers. The company and top management are open minded for different conceptional ideas and realizations.
Dümmen Orange has a wide product range for different customers and is located in different places. This gives me the chance to work in various projects with colleagues from all over the world. I like that mix of different cultures.

What news has kept you busy lately?

This week we had hurricane Sabine (Ciara) that destroyed a lot of areas in total Europe. Another hurricane is on this way to our continent. The environment and healthy life on our planet should be in the focus of all our activities. We only have one earth.
With our breeding business we have got the change to influence a part of this future. We must focus on sustainable production so that we reduce all stress given to the environment. Another challenge is to breed flowers that can survive in this new difficult nature. Life gets harder and flowers brings well-being and joy to all of us.

What would you like to pick up or change?

The floricultural industry and way of working is very traditional. But the behavior of the consumer and the customer journey changed a lot in the last years. The new generations behavior and ideas are different to all what we knew before. For me is that the challenge to come up with new out of the box ideas. It is important to have always the consumer and his needs in our mind and that this is the basis for our missions. I am proud to be a member of a team that is focused on this spirit.

What are you going to do this weekend?

I will visit my daughter in Berlin and we will have a nice mother-daughter weekend. We both like sightseeing and discover the undiscovered secrets of a town. There are a lot of nice individual natural places in big cities that are perfect for that.

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